Brave Blues fans save a life

The incident took place following Blues’ FA Cup replay at Newcastle United whilst supporters were waiting to re-board their coach at Woodall Services on the M1.

Anthony Routley, Michael Lloyd, Paul Fiddler, Tony Rabone, Gary Lane and Billy Jordan were just about to leave before a man suffered a heart attack.

With very little time the group rushed over and put him in the recovery position, with Michael and Gary giving him CPR for 15 minutes as they waited for the paramedics to arrive.

Once the paramedics arrived, Paul dealt with them directly, whist the others liaised and calmed staff and bystanders.

The man has since made a recovery and is resting at home. The group still keep in regular touch with his sister and the family are extremely grateful for their bravery and assistance.

The group originally didn't want to be recognised despite their heroic deed.

However in recognition, the Club invited the group to meet and present Cheick Keita with his Foster’s February Player of the Month award before Saturday’s game.

“We’re thrilled that the gentleman has made a full recovery,” said Anthony Routley.

“We were really fortunate that within the group their was somebody with medical training and I hope that if this story encourages just one person out their to take a course than that is fantastic.

“We have taken a lot of positives from family and friends and we’re thankful for that.

“Some people calling us heroes.. but to be fair we’re just Blues.”