Hannah steps up to England Under-21s

If you put as much time and effort into your education as much as improving on the football pitch, there’s no reason you can’t achieve both.


Blues Women goalkeeper Hannah Hampton has enjoyed a successful summer on and off the pitch having just passed her A Levels and received her first call-up to the England Under-21s.

The 18-year-old, who studied PE, psychology and geography at college, has had to balance studying with football for the last two years.

It has provided a struggle for Hampton, but after experiencing the happiness and relief of passing her exams she now believes she can conquer anything.

She said: “It was difficult, but I only did one day in college a week. It wasn’t ideal and it’s not the best way to study you’re A Levels, so it took a lot of independent study, hard work and commitment from myself.

“But also from the staff at the club and the teachers at the college having patience and confidence in me. They allowed me to complete all my studies without putting too much pressure on me from either side.

“Transitioning into Blues’ number one ‘keeper was difficult because it was Christmas and I was going into the last six months of education with exams approaching quickly. But at the same time, as a player and as a person, that’s what I wanted. It came quicker than what I expected but I feel that if I can manage full-time football and full-time education, then I get through a lot more.”

Having worked her way through the RTC in the first team, there are young stars looking up to Hampton, hoping to follow in her footsteps.

The goalkeeper offered her advice to any girls wanting to tread the path that she has so far.

“I’d say to them it’s achievable, because I did it,” she said.

“It’s going to be challenging and it will cause you to make a lot of sacrifices. You don’t really have a social life; I wouldn’t really go out with the football girls after training because I would have to go to college.

“If you put as much time and effort into your education as much as improving on the football pitch, there’s no reason you can’t achieve both.”

On the pitch, Hampton has recently returned from the Under-19s European Championships.

England unfortunately didn’t make it out of the group stages, losing to Germany and holders Spain, but she believes that the experience will stand her in good stead moving forward.

She said: “On a personal level it has given me another experience that I can use and helps further my career. It was good to be playing in a tournament and aiming for a trophy, but I didn’t treat it any differently to if it was a friendly because every time I pull on the England jersey, I wear it with pride.”

It was also announced that she had received a call-up to Mo Marley’s Under-21s side, which she is looking forward to.

“I think it will be another good experience and progressing into the next age group. It’s another stepping stone to getting into the senior side, which is my ambition. I’m happy for it to be around this time and it will be a boost ahead of the new season.”