Marta Tejedor: we are resetting the team

Marta Tejedor
Marta Tejedor

We’re going to enjoy, learn and live one of the best seasons of our lives. I’m very sure of that. For me, it’s like an adventure.

Marta Tejedor

Blues Women are gearing up for the Barclays FA WSL season with a new look and fresh approach.

After finishing fourth in the last campaign, with a record points haul, Marta Tejedor has been busy putting her stamp on the team.

The Manager, who arrived in January after Marc Skinner’s departure, has overhauled the side – with the work still to be rounded-off.

Several first team players have departed, but there has been an injection of fresh, exciting blood.

Claudia Walker returned from her loan spell last season, and new signings Abbi Grant, Brianna Visalli, Rebecca Holloway, Lucy Whipp and Adrienne Jordan have joined the fold.

Connie Scofield and Harriet Scott have committed to the Club with new contracts, while Heidi Logan has signed her first professional deal.

“We have turned the page and we are resetting the team, starting from a new point and every new player that has come into the squad has the potential to be a superstar,” Tejedor said.

“We haven’t brought in anybody that we believe is average because it isn’t our standard and I’m very happy with the players that have joined us.

“We have a few now from the United States, some born in the country and some that have played in the leagues over there – like Brianna and Rebecca. They will bring different experiences to add to our team and they have really settled in well.

Tejedor has been delighted with her team’s attitude and drive since reporting back for pre-season training.

She said: “I’m happy with what I’ve watched so far.

“In pre-season the players have come back with enthusiasm and they want to do their best. They have recharged and are buzzing with new energy, so the environment has been very good.

“In my opinion, I appreciate that this group are yet to make a name for themselves, but they have an outstanding and undeniable team spirit. The mood in the camp is very positive which has made me very excited for what’s to come.”

The positive mood is reflected in the Manager’s demeanour. Tejedor has now adapted to her new team, country and culture and is looking ahead to her first full season at the Club.

“I feel like I’m home,” said Tejedor, who guided Blues Women to four straight victories to end the previous campaign.

“I feel much better and I’m happy right now.

“It’s completely different this season because we’re not following another programme, another style of play.

“Last season, most of the things were already established here like the squad, the staff and the way the team played so it wasn’t easy to change. Also, we didn’t have enough time to really change things, so we just kept going.

“At times, I felt like I was following the team rather than leading the team. Now we can do things ‘our’ way, with a squad of players and staff new and old who are open to suggestions.

“Also from a personal perspective, I was living in a hotel, getting used to England. I arrived in the middle of January when the weather was hit and miss, whereas now its summer and I have my own house, I can drive my car and I have a lot more freedom.

“My family is about to move over as well too. I feel that I’ve built a much better environment here for me.”

With the 2019/20 season fast approaching, Tejedor is encouraging supporters to get behind the team for what she believes will be a special season.

Blues open with a home game against Everton Ladies on Sunday 8 September at Solihull Moors (2pm KO). 

“I don’t like to make predictions when I don’t have the details and the information I need, particularly when looking at the rest of the teams.

“However, I can look at my team and our approach is to make this a special season. We’re going to enjoy, learn and live one of the best season's of our lives. I’m very sure of that. For me, it’s like an adventure.

“I’ve told my players in the first week of preseason that we are going to play for ourselves and our fans. If we want them to follow us, we have to make sure they enjoy coming to watch us play football, so we are going to do our best to make them fall in love with us.”