Pep Clotet welcomes Blues challenge

Pep Clotet.
Pep Clotet.

For whatever reason, the results didn't go hand to hand with the performance. That's football and it happens, not just to us but every team.

Pep Clotet.

Pep Clotet says Blues have the confidence and the will to break the current string of results when Middlesbrough come to town on Friday evening.

He says whilst the three successive defeats have obviously not been ideal, some perspective is needed.

Blues' performances in those matches, not least at Derby County, has merited more; mistakes and lapses have cost them.

And the work that Clotet, his staff and the players have been doing since the summer should be considered as part of the whole, too.

"It's a challenge and we welcome challenges," he said.

"We have a good number of points, we are sitting well above expectation.

"But are we happy about it? No. Are we happy about the last few results? No. Are we happy about performances? We are - the performance at Derby, most of the performance at Wigan as well. For whatever reason, the results didn't go hand to hand with the performance. That's football and it happens, not just to us but every team.

"At the end of the day the most ambitious and committed assets we have at this Club are in the dressing room. We have bounced back before and have the opportunity in front of our fans to do it again, get the team a little bit higher, as much as possible.

"We all know where we came from this summer and we had a really good start, the best start in 11 years so they say.

"We need to put things into perspective. Yes there is always pressure in football. I am more worried not having the performances because results come from good performances.

"The opposition controls their things as well and there is a big element of luck in a football game, if it is a low scoring game.

"That means as coaches and players we can always try to ensure our performance is right because that will give us more chances to get a result.

"We are trying to develop young players here as well and think about not just the short-term but the mid-term and the future of the Club. A Club that, unfortunately, we haven't had many good season in way of positives. So it is very important to think about the mid-term as well as the short-term. We need to provide club moments for those young players to keep developing.

"That's our focus. We didn't deserve those results we have had. But they came.

"Now it is a challenge, it is Middlesbrough and we have a chance in front of our own fans and we are looking forward to it because, as I said, everyone in that dressing room is full of confidence and ambition."

Clotet continued: "We know where we came from, we know we had a tough summer, losing some important players. We brought players in, some things happened late, we have worked a lot. We know and we are very aware that it's about how we have done so far and putting things in perspective is important.

"But, hold on a second, it's not like being naive to think 'performance, performance, performance', no, no. At the end of the day we want to win every game and we want to win every game playing well to the best of our abilities.

"Sometimes it is possible, sometimes it is not, but we are very ambitious and some of the most ambitious people in this club are in the dressing room, like I said. That's what carries us forward.

"We have not lost confidence because these performances have given us a good step forward for ourselves and for the work that we do - and we know we are on the right track.

"We have had a solid start, sitting in a good position, we have three more points than last season and we have made our best start in all those years.

"We have our feet on the ground, we know where have come from, we know what our strengths are and what we have and what motivates us for Middlesbrough is to put that performance in front of our fans. Together, the chance to link performance and result, we will be close."