Pep: I'm proud, but nothing changes

Head Coach Pep Clotet
Head Coach Pep Clotet

I feel very proud for the confidence that has been shown in me, but I'm very aware that my duty is to be part of a big group of people who are fantastic.

Pep Clotet.

Pep Clotet says that whilst he was 'proud' to be appointed as the Club's Head Coach earlier this week, he insists it makes no difference in his quest to improve Blues as a team.

The Spaniard was given the role of Caretaker Head Coach in the summer but following the start that Blues have made to the season and the ever-evolving style of play, the Club's Board elected to make the position permanent earlier this week.

"I acknowledge that it's a show of faith from the owners, but I refer back to what I said at the beginning," said Clotet.

"I'm just a very small piece in a very big club with a lot of history.

"I feel very proud for the confidence that has been shown in me, but I'm very aware that my duty is to be part of a big group of people who are fantastic.

"That starts from our youngest player in the Academy, to all the coaches in the Academy as well as all the staff and players in the First Team. That includes the Board and the fans in there as well.

"We are all a big family, together."

"I really don't like it, these headlines in this sense, because I just want to keep helping this group, these players," he continued.

"I'm very clear what my role is and I'm only here to serve the players, try and get the best football possible and help the Club in whatever areas I can.

"It's not about me, it's only about the Club and it will still be about the Club when I'm not here or when any of us are not here anymore.

"I acknowledge the history of this Club and I feel proud to be a part of this history on a very little scale.

"I feel very comfortable here in the Club and in the city and I'm thoroughly enjoying the fact that life brought me here.

"I'm very focused on my job and the fact the Club gave me this recognition I value it a lot from a personal point of view especially if it can help the Club but it hasn’t changed my view on what is important to me.

"It doesn't make a difference for us, indoors. We haven't even talked about it with the team."

Asked if he thought his appointment would make any difference when it comes to attracting future players to the Club, he said: "Nobody should be coming because I'm coach or whatever title I am.

"I think what will help is the style of football the Club is doing, probably more than the position I have.

"Our greeting card is our football. And whoever has seen our games, they know we have worked very hard to go from a team that played the most direct football in the four English leagues last season to make the transition as smooth as possible, getting results and never fearing for relegation (in a new style).

"That's not easy. When you change the style, with a completely new team, you're not sure what route it will go.

"Everyone has worked very, very hard to do what we have. We enjoy our football; it is getting very solid. Now it is about trusting our football and use it to get as many results as possible.

"What I want is if any player has to come in January or whenever, I want them to come because of what we are producing on the pitch and because of Birmingham City.

"That's our job to make sure we keep growing our football and whoever decides to come make sure it's the football that suits them."