PREVIEW: Blues v Manchester United

Marta Tejedor says Blues will continue to deal with whatever's thrown at them.

It's about controlling what they can control, the Manager insists.

Blues face Manchester United in the Continental Cup group stage at the Stadium, Solihull, on Wednesday (7.30pm).

Once more Tejedor's selection will be dictated by injury and unavailability.

Blues currently have Kerys Harrop, Sarah Mayling and Bri Visalli out, and Heidi Logan as a long-term absentee.

And there are other niggles causing concern.

"It has not been easy so far," admitted the Manager.  "I hope after Christmas the situation is different.

"Sometimes, you don't have any choice. And when you don't have any choice, it is what it is.

"This is what I tell the players.

"Hopefully, in an ideal world, if we went to Disneyland, it would be different. But here, in reality, this is what it is.

"We focus on what we can control and what we can do."

And what Blues have done in the past week or so is take a giant stride in the Barclays FA WSL, drawing against Tottenham Hotspur and winning a crunch match at Bristol City on Sunday.

"We really needed it, that win," said Tejedor. "It helped us a lot.

"It was down to many factors. We prepared well, we performed well and also the players attitude.

"An important thing was scoring early and before them. When the opponent scores first it means a lot of effort for us to try and turn things round.

"When we score first, we grow a lot and become stronger. Let's say we deal much better with that situation."

Blues do not have the deepest squad and have dipped often into the Academy ranks this season, to good effect.

And players like Harriet Scott, Lucy Whipp, Claudia Walker, Abbi Grant and Connie Scofield have had to adapt to different or unfamiliar roles.

"This is something that we have encouraged a lot, since the beginning," said Tejedor.

"Not only in an emergency situation, as now, but in general. The flexibility and versatility to play different systems, different positions, different styles.

"This is something good when you are growing a team, you have young people who are developing. They then become much more capable to cope with different situations."

Manchester United top Group C with three wins from three. Blues are third, three points behind them.

After the Continental Cup fixture, Blues will then prepare for United's visit to Solihull on Sunday in the league (2pm).

"The only thing that it helps is that we don't have to do double scouting, playing them twice in five days," joked Tejedor.

"Not ideal, but it is what it is.

"For us, what I really want to happen is that no matter how we perform in the cup, I want us to be able to learn from it and do even better on Sunday."

About United, she said: "I think they are a very good team. I am not sure in the cup if they will use the same players and have the same attitude and approach as they might on Sunday.

"But they are strong, they are strong in midfield and are able to change plans and switch a lot. So they will present a great challenge."

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