REACTION: Leeds United 1 Blues 0

I think our performance merited more than the result that we got. Just before their goal we were enjoying our best period, so that was tough to take.

Pep Clotet

Pep Clotet speaks to the press after Saturday's defeat at Leeds United.

Pep Clotet on the result and performance...

"The first-half they started very strong, it is the toughest place to come and it was a special game for them (because of the centenary celebrations) and you have to give them that. We defended our box very well and we grew into the game. I think we let them play a bit too much in the first-half and they had a lot of the ball, we had a chat at half-time, a very good talk and we adjusted. We got more confidence, our offensive game started to roll and a few of the patterns (of play) were good. Second-half we managed to get on the ball more and get it moving. We created chances, had shots. Obviously we are not happy because we didn't get the result but the team showed a massive spirit to build on what we had against Middlesbrough. We didn't betray ourselves, we didn't just sit and defend our box, we wanted to come and play our football, that is what we did, we went toe to toe with one of the best teams in the league who have been playing that kind of football for a year and a half."

Pep Clotet on dealing with Leeds press and intensity...

"First-half we were not as fluent as in the second-half to break their press. We managed to get up the pitch better. We didn't manage to dominate possession - they are very comfortable at home - but we did have the ability to move the ball from back to front and ending up putting a lot of problems on them."

Pep Clotet on just requiring that necessary precision when attacking...

"I think so. Everything happens very quick in the final third, there's no space, a lot of pressure, Leeds press very, very well and everything has to be very precise for that ball to go in. The same could apply to ourselves as we managed to dismantle most of Leeds' attacks. We could have done slightly better with our chances, but Leeds is a tough place, they defend in numbers and press you as soon as you win the ball back. I think we competed, against a team that will be up there for promotion at the end of the season. I take a lot of positives despite the result."

Pep Clotet on Fran Villalba's second-half influence and the overall verdict . . . 

"All of the players grew a lot in the second-half and Fran was key for us, finding gaps and playing very quick. Everyone did their best and I see that all of our players are growing in confidence in regard our football and now we are competing against teams, like Leeds, who are used to being up there. We know we can defend, and we had a very offensive team out there. So at the moment we had to defend we had to be very good. Because those players on the pitch were considered to have more offensive talents, we had to be disciplined and they did that very, very well. Second-half we turned it round and forced Leeds to do a lot of defending, which was very good to see as well. At half-time we spoke about how we could tweak things to be more comfortable, how we could go forward and threaten them. We adjusted a little bit the pressing, we did it a little bit higher. They play with a lot of intensity so it is a difficult place to play. It was an unfortunate error that led to their goal. I think we deserved more, I think our performance merited more than the result that we got. Just before their goal we were enjoying our best period as well, so that was tough to take."