REACTION: Middlesbrough 1 Blues 1

We all need to love the game a little bit more and make sure we represent the best values of the game - because that was a clear goal.

Pep Clotet

Pep Clotet speaks after Tuesday night's controversial draw at the Riverside Stadium.

Pep Clotet on the controversy that saw victory cruelly taken away from Blues when the referee stopped play as Blues attacked and scored...

"The goal is a goal for sure. I understand that the referee blows before and has the right to stop the game whenever he feels. We kept playing, they kept playing and what I understand is the way that some staff on the bench of Middlesbrough stormed the pitch as soon as we had the counter attack, with a view to stop the play. We all need to love the game a little bit more and make sure we represent the best values of the game - because that was a clear goal. Bielsa and Leeds against Aston Villa comes to my mind last season, that was a game that was more than three points."

Pep Clotet on the overall performance...

"Anyway, let’s not get away from the situation, the reality is we saw a winning display, we were on top of everything, we controlled all of the shots. The most dangerous thing they had was the penalty but we had total control of the game at 1-0 and at 1-1 we kept attacking, you can always say we should have scored another goal on the numerous breaks and shots we had before but we did 'score' the second goal. It’s a pity our fans cannot go back to Birmingham with a winning feeling. I am disappointed for that reason, for the fans and for the players, but I am proud of the performance as well on a pitch where no-one has won since October."

Pep Clotet on the influence again of David Davis and Gary Gardner and approaching Boro's new system...

"We analysed very well how Middlesbrough play. Since they changed their system they have been very prolific in terms of results. They have a back five, two numbers tens and a striker. I think we managed to stop everything from them, the three at the front in the middle - they play a little bit like Wolverhampton last season - David and Gazza, the whole backline, left no spaces for them to play in. And we did good pressing up front. We felt comfortable. We stopped their play, we were able to break. We caused problems and got a lot of crosses in as well. It was a pity about their goal, we should have killed the game before that. Those two played very well, it was a great game for them, they had a lot of control over the midfield, we had a lot of control over the game itself. The changes we made, too, our chances then became even higher and we locked their three middle midfielders even more."